EPMAN Black Silicone Intake Pipe Hose & Aluminum Turbo Inlet Elbow For Audi TT/TTS MK3 S3 A3 2.0T TT TKMK3TK010P

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You are buying on 100% Brand New of:

EPMAN Black Silicone Intake Pipe Hose & Aluminum Turbo Inlet Elbow For Audi TT/TTS MK3 S3 A3 2.0T TT TKMK3TK010P

Material: aluminum
Color: black
Plug & Play installation
Total inner diameter: approx. 65 mm (standard part constriction: approx. 53 mm)
Inner diameter input turbocharger: approx. 53 mm (standard part: approx. 48 mm)
Inner diameter intake: approx. 65 mm (standard part: approx. 62 mm)
Fits: For IS12, IS20, IS38 IHI turbocharger
The Racingline Intake Upgrade Package consists of the following parts:
1 x Turbo Inlet Elbow+Intake Silicone Pipe

Vehicle Fitment
For Volkswagen (VW):
For Golf MK7 GTI 1.8T
For Golf MK7 Hatchback 2.0T
For Golf MK7 Sportwagen Gen3 2.0T
For Golf Mk7/7.5 R 2.0T
For 1.8 2.0 TSFI Engines EA888

For Audi:
For Audi S3 8V Quattro 2.0 T
For Audi A3 8V FWD 1.8T
For Audi A3 8V Quattro 2.0 T
For Audi TT/TTS MK3 2.0T 2014+

For SEAT Leon MK3 1.8T
For SEAT Leon MK3 2.0T
For SEAT Cupra 5F 1.8T
For SEAT Cupra 5F 2.0T

For Skoda :
For Skoda Octavia MK3 1.8T
For Skoda Octavia MK3 2.0T
For Skoda vRS 5E 1.8T
For Skoda vRS 5E 2.0T

Racingline Performance Turbo Inlet Elbow
The High-Flow Turbo 90 for MQB Golf 7 GTI/R and For Audi S3 has been engineered as a simple upgrade to significantly increase air flow into the turbocharger. Its the perfect complement to either our Cold Air Intake, the standard airbox or indeed any other aftermarket intake system.
A simple fitment, the High-Flow Turbo 90 is a large diameter, free flowing intake elbow, CNC machined from aluminium billet to replace the small and restrictive plastic factory inlet. Without it, you’re wasting the potential of your high-flow intake system – as all of your hard-won smooth flowing intake charge has to taper down to pass through the tight and restrictive bend of the factory part.

More air comes in, more air goes out, and so the flow of energy from your turbo should not be wasted.
The OEM turbo muffler is just that, a wasteful restrictive part hiding the true potential of your street or track weapon. This part will improve the sound of your turbo spooling and improve response due to its sleek single billet design that eliminates the restriction and turbulence caused by the OEM part.

No installation Tool & No instruction is Included, Professional Installation is Recommended!

All items are Brand New unless stated otherwise on the listing. We sell DIY (Do It Yourself) Items with a few exceptions. We take no responsibility in teaching you how to install. Professional installation is strongly recommended.

Additional information

Brand Name


Placement on Vehicle


Item Height


Car Maker


Item Length


Frequence Range


Material Type


Item Type

Air Intakes

Item Weight


Special Features


Item Width


Model Year


External Testing Certification


Model Name



Silicone Intake Pipe +Turbo Inlet Elbow

Turbo Inlet Elbow Material

Cast aluminum construction

Intake Pipe Material


Art work

CNC-machined inlet and outlet


Fast turbo spool

Item name

High Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe

Car Make

For Audi

Max gains

8-10 HP


Fit For IS12, IS20, IS38 IHI turbocharger

High-Flow Turbo 90

For MQB Golf 7 GTI/R and For Audi S3


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